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Québec G1P 4M9

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Located in Quebec City, Anodisation Québec is a company specialized in the anodizing of small and medium aluminium parts.

Our company, founded in 2005, offers you various services and works mainly in aerospace, industry, the medical field, and in transportation and defence. Our priority is clear: to offer our clients the best service.

Our History

Anodisation Québec began its activity as a part of Mégatech A.Q., one of the most reputable machine shops in Quebec. By creating a surface treatment department, this workshop was able to become self-sufficient in anodizing as well as in chromate conversion coating.

Then, after some time, our department began sub-contracting for anodizing, hard anodizing, chromate and passivation treatments for external clients.

When the demand grew significantly, the company Anodisation Québec was finally created. However, this doesn't stop it from continuing to work in close collaboration with Mégatech A.Q.

Our know-how rests on many years of experience.

Our Services

Anodisation Québec is a team of qualified and experienced professionals, able to do different surface treatments: anodizing, hard anodizing, chromate, and passivation. Anodizing treatment is done for thicknesses of between 5 and 25 micrometres. For hard anodizing treatment, thicknesses are produced at between 25 and 100 micrometres.

You can also trust us with your mechanical fabrication projects. We ensure a service to meet your highest expectations. Our team will take all measures to meet your different technical needs, and to provide you with a personalized treatment of quality. We process your parts with a reasonable turnaround and at a competitive price. Helping our partners grow and offering you quality services... these are our goals.

Our priority is to make sure you're satisfied by offering the best services.

Our main advantages:

  • Know-how and experience
  • Personalized and quality treatment
  • Reasonable turnaround
  • Competitive prices

Don't hesitate to contact us for more information!